Grenadines Divers vs Botanic Gardens Rangers Vincy T10 league 23 May Cricket Betting Tips


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The third and final match of the second match of the Vincy Premier League 2020 is going to be played between the Grenadine Divers and the Botanic Garden Rangers. That means we are going to have two current West Indian stars leading their sides and looking for victory.

Kesrick Williams is the marquee player for the Botanic Garden Rangers while Obed McCoy is the marquee player for the Grenadine Divers. Both the players are very good in the short formats fo the game with the ball and have all the variations that go with it.

Every team is going to be in action every day of the VPL 2020 and so building up a winning momentum is crucial. 

Grenadine Divers vs Botanic Garden Rangers Vincy T10 League 2020 is going to be played at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, Kingstown, St Vincent, on the 23rd of May 2020.



Obed McCoy is going to be the most visible player in the Grenadine Divers team but he is a bowler whose chief skill is limited to just two overs of the match. He could have a very good day and still not be able to win the match for this team.

We don’t want to say that the batsmen are more important than the bowlers in this format of the game but there is no doubt that an in-form batsman could change the nature of the match more dramatically.

Leading the batting for the Grenadine Divers are going to be Latchman, Browne, and Hooper.

Having a wicketkeeper like Latchjman who can contribute with the bat is as good as having an extra all-rounder in the side and will be of great importance to the overall balance. 

Razine Browne is another player who can contribute in both the batting and bowling making the Grenadine Divers a very flexible team that could utilize a number of different strategies. 

We don’t see a lot of quality around Obed McCoy in the bowling department and that could be an issue. 


Kesrick Williams has perhaps the biggest fan following around the world out of all the players participating in this tournament. Williams has been a part of some high-profile international duels, like the one against Virat Kohli, and is known as much for his notebook celebrations as anything else.

We are not sure about his bowling credentials, though.

Kesrick Williams is not the kind of bowler who is going to run through the opposition batting lineups. He thrives in the powerplay situations, which is where he is likely to bowl. On his day Kesrick Williams can be a handful but on off-days, he can go for plenty.

Romel Currency, Kevin Abraham, and Kenneth Dember are the players to watch out for in this batting lineup.

All three have a reputation for hitting the ball hard and should be able to clear the boundaries as needed. 

Casnel Morris could be another player that could have a big impact in the bowling for the Botanic Garden Rangers.


The conditions in Kingstown, St Vincent are expected to be dry and humid. The weather forecast is very good for cricket for this entire week so we are very hopeful of getting an uninterrupted match. The clouds can always roll in quickly on the islands, though.

The pitch is expected to be very flat and offer nothing to the bowlers. There will be a lot of big-hits and 10 runs an over can be expected to be the par scoring rate. 


Every team that has won the toss in T10 cricket has decided to field first unless there is something unique about the conditions or their own team composition. We think this trend of chasing after winning the toss is going to continue.


We are backing the Grenadine Divers to win this match. The two teams are pretty evenly matched and the all-rounders could end up making the difference in the end. This is where we think that the Grenadine Divers have a slight advantage.

Bet on the Grenadine Divers to win.